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Premium quality

Ysidro is made with Junmai Ginjo sake. Each kernel of rice is milled down to 60% of its original size, leaving only the most flavorful part of the kernel.

Sophisticated taste

Our sake is rich with the complexity you're missing with other drinks—but the clean, smooth taste avoids overpowering the refreshing flavors you crave.

A more mindful way to drink

Low in acidity and rich with amino acids, Sake has been said to aid sleep, fight inflammation, and build collagen—a clean canvas for our real, natural ingredients.

It started with a (literal) dream.

In the spring of 2020, co-founder Monica Epstein attended a virtual wine tasting hosted by friend and boutique wine importer Alex Dessouky. It was during the height of the lockdowns, when all of our gatherings were online and we would have given anything just to share a drink with friends. Alex brought people together over pure, soulful wines, sharing his passion and expertise with his friends and community.

That night after the tasting, Monica had a (literal) dream that she worked with Alex and her husband, Seth, to make a special drink. A tonic that celebrated their newfound rhythm of slow living. By chance, Monica and Seth ran into Alex at Miramar beach the next morning. The stars aligned, and with a dream and a chance encounter, Ysidro was born.

The story of our name

Ysidro (ee-SEE-dro)

Saint Ysidro is the patron saint of ​​farmers, gardeners, and workers. We like to think of him as an early adopter of work/life balance — he embraced simple living, and valued being present to “what is” over the stresses and preoccupations of daily life. Quality time with other people the way he fueled his spiritual life. He performed miracles like striking his staff against the dry ground and bringing water to everyone in his community.

Our co-founders live just a few blocks from each other off San Ysidro road, which runs through the heart of Montecito and connects the mountains to the sea. This road was the original inspiration behind the name.


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